Breed the perfect magical pet! Play Strangelings and discover a stunning 3D pet game where you can carefully breed amazing traits and colors to get just the fantasy pet you want! Bring your favorite pets into the real world using Augmented Reality and show them off on your desk, the kitchen table, your favorite coffee shop, or anywhere else you can imagine!

*Raise magical creatures in the gorgeous 3D environment
*Breed your perfect fantasy pet with millions of possible combinations
*Explore the detailed genetics and create a family tree you can trace back through generations
*Unlock the puzzle of choosing the right pair to reveal hidden traits
*Enjoy an original and whimsical music soundtrack

Interact with your pets by naming them, making them jump, chase their tail, pounce and many more fun interactions!

This engaging and enticing game is sure to keep you entertained as you try to breed your favorite pet and build your family of Strangelings to show your friends!

Install Strangelings today, it’s free!

Requires Login with Facebook and an Internet connection. Strangelings does not auto-post to your feed. Only posts you submit will ever show on your wall.

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