Stone Skipping


Thank you for using our location based ranking system “Cocoge” services. We have two announcements related to our “Cocoge” service, which are as followed:

[1] Closing down Areal Ranking system and Competition services.
First of all we would like to apologies for this inconvenient approach, but as of January 31st, 2013, we will close down the Ranking system and the Competition services and starting from February 1st, 2013 all current rankings system, competition data and personal information will all be terminated.

Again, we apologies for the inconvenience and hope you will understand.


Back to childhood and lets play stone skipping!

[How to Play]
Using your iPhone/iPodTouch and pretend you are throwing a pebble above the water just like stone skipping and see how many times the stone will skip on the water.

*This app uses location services to submit for the ranking system. If you do not accept to provide the location information the app may cause some issues.

To make better bounces over the water, best is to keep your device horizontal flat as much as possible.

Please DO NOT by anyway throw your device for real!

*Challenge the national rankings!
“Stone Skipping” supports the areal ranking system “CocoGe”. By registering with “CocoGe” and playing you will be able to see your performance and efficiency. Now challenge to become No.1 in your town, city or even provence or state.

*Supported Devices
iPhone3GS/iPhone4/iPhone4S/iPad/iPad2/The newiPad/iPod Touch(3rd Gen))/iPod Touch(4th Gen)

*With the 1st generation iPad/iPhone3GS, you might experience some slow parts during the play.

If for any reason any malfunctions occur within the app, please contact us at with the following information: Device model (Such as iPhone3GS/4/4S), iOS version and details of the malfuction that occurred.

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