Stone Defense

New Defender Game is coming! Bring you back to the Stone Age!

The story began at the Stone Age. It was long, long time ago, people was living a primitive life. The wise ancestors handed down legendary archery skills and the power of manipulating natural. And you inherit the legendary power. Now, the evil Black Stone tribe is invading your village! Defeat them and protect our homeland!

How to play?

– Touch screen to shoot arrows.
– Drag and drop magic icon to cast a spell.
– Strength: Increase bow’s base damage.
– Agility: Increase frequency of shooting.
– weapon: Select and equip proper bow to defend.
– Thump: Repel monsters.
– Critical: Double damage with certain possibility.
– City Wall. Increases max HP.
– MultiArrow: Your bow can shoot multiple arrows.

Game Features:

– Talent system: 27 talents to update your power.
– Weapon system: 23 different bows to help you fight different enemies.
– 3 types of magic: Fire – higher damage; Ice – slows enemies; Wind – stuns enemies.
– 18 different types of enemies.
– 11 Bosses are waiting for your challenging.

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