Stockmarket Guru

Now iOS 5 compatible! So enjoy!

Have you ever dreamed about playing the stockmarket but didnt want to chance losing all your money? Do you have what it takes to buy and sell stocks, losing and gaining until you are rich or broke?

Well here we are! We have created a game that allows you to buy and sell stocks – real stocks (fake money). We update these stock values every 5 minutes on our server – which is synced with the actual stock exchange, so you always have up to date prices.

*Create your own stock porfolio easily!

*Simple buy and sell buttons!

*Track your growing wealth!

*Brag about how good you are (or are not) on Facebook and Twitter with quick submit buttons!

*Start your profolio with $10,000!

*Red and Green, Plus and Minus – let you see clearly if the stock is currently up or down!

We currently have tons of stocks and will be adding even more soon! So buy as many as you can, either of the same stock or all different stocks. Lets see how you can do if you had the money – and just how smart or lucky you are. And if you really want to – post your stats on facebook and twitter and start some competition! At least here – you have nothing to lose. Start Today – as you wouldnt want others to get too far ahead of you.

PLEASE NOTE. WE HAVE NOT YET UPDATED TO HANDLE 4+ Software. So ONLY BUY if using below 3.1.3! THANKS and we will have an update soon!

Now updated for iOS 5.0

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