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FEATURED! – “The Best Games You’ve Never Played”

“Stitches is a refreshing change from other games in the App Store and I don’t believe there is much out there like it.”

“Stitches is sure to be a hit with fans and nostalgic board game-lovers.”

“Stitches is a fun portrayal of the classic Operation board game that sends you into the operating room to save a life. The patient’s life is in your hands, so keep it steady and work against the clock.”

– 18 Organs to Remove
– 4 Different Gameplay Modes
– HD Graphics for iPad & iPad2
– Over 25 Achievements
– Gamecenter Rankings

STITCHES pits you against the clock in a game of nostalgia and skill. Get ready to scrub in and take part in some of the most comical surgery ever performed. Pinch and push a variety of humorous organs in an attempt to extract them from your patient and restore him to good health. His life is in your hands…make that fingers!

Later, as your skills increase, prepare to push yourself to the limit by performing surgery under some of the worst conditions imaginable, both environmental and self-inflicted.

Post your high scores to the global leaderboard and try to become the fastest surgeon in the world! Change the difficulty to achieve the highest score possible! Difficulty can be changed in main options menu.

STITCHES incorporates a new take on an old classic.

Take a break from the birds – seize the scalpel!

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