Stitch’em Words Lite

Play up to 10 exciting levels of this FULLY FEATURED LITE Edition ! Challenge yourself with Word Bonus Rounds, and take part in our extremely popular Leader’s Board (currently with over 5700+ users !!).

Combine Fun Pictures and Letters to create Words, in what critics are calling “The Ultimate Word Charade Game.”

For example:
T + Rain = TRAIN,
P + Roof = PROOF,
Star + E = STARE !

Find hidden slang words, to earn bonus points. Use Hints if you get stuck – or aim for extra points by staying away from them.

It’s about time to give your brain a fun workout!

If you like the LITE version, grab STITCH’EM WORDS-ULTIMATE EDITION today !


* Whopping 700-Levels Set ! For Every 10-Levels, there are now 70-Possible Level Sets !

* Dynamic Level Loading – Load Different Levels each time for unlimited playability !

* Math Bonus Rounds – Given a set of random numbers (for e.g. 1, 5, 10) and a Random Target (for e.g. 49) use Arithmetic to reach the Target (for e.g. 5*10 -1 =49)

* LeadersBoard to see your progress amongst players World-Wide !

* 4 Different Challenge Modes ! Hide Word structures, Disable Hints, Negative Scoring for Wrong Guesses – Bring it on, Push your limits !

What Others are saying…

“…Stitch’em Words is a toe-tapping, entertaining word puzzler – 9/10″ –

“…Part Scrabble, Part Chicktionary, Part TextTwist – The Ultimate Word Charade Game” –

“…Stitch’em Words brings creativity and originality to the table” –

“…If you like Chicktionary, you would LOVE Stitch’em Words” – Touch Arcade Forums

“…When you run across a game like Stitch’em Words, You Finally Sit Up to Play” – App Store User FeedBack

“…This Game is So Unique That it Guarantees a Fun Time No Matter if You are a Word Game Player or Not” – App Store User Feedback

Recommended specially by fans of Scrabble, Bookworm, TextTwist, wurdle, WordFu, and Word Scramble.
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