StickyET Lite

In a galaxy far far away, StickyET encounters a meteor storm and crash lands on a hostile planet.

Now, it’s up to YOU to air jump your way to enough scattered ship parts to rebuild StickyET’s space ship and get him back on his way home, all while avoiding native evil inhabitants and obstacles.

Luckily, StickyET is made out of a rubbery, stretchy and very resistant substance which lets him stick to clouds, leaves, rocks and other surfaces while exploring the most dangerous parts of the planet.

Find out the rest of the story and help in his adventure…StickyET counts on you to get him home!

StickyET Lite is a classic action-adventure game featuring:
+ 1 FREE episode including 10 levels
+ Ability to purchase additional 20 challenging levels, divided into 2 unique episodes
+ Easy one-touch navigation
+ Level zoom in/out
+ Original music soundtrack

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