Sticky Mosaics Butterflies Lite

Sticky Mosaics® Butterflies contains a single beautiful templates that your child can decorate with a collection of sparkling jewels. Three additional templates are available with an in app purchase.


“This is a fun app that can also be educational, teaching hand eye coordination, number recognition and patterning.”
The iPhone Mom

“I also use this opportunity to teach her numbers … your child learns while they play.”
iPad Apps Review Online

About the App

Sticky Mosaics® Butterflies iPad app provides hours of fun and entertainment. It will allow your child to lose themselves in a world of magic, imagination and artistic freedom. Each of the four templates has numbered placeholders, corresponding to a variety of different colored and shaped jewels. Kids assemble their mosaics by dragging the jewels from the legend with their finger. By matching the jewels with the correct number, your child will start to create a shimmering mosaic of a beautiful butterfly. When the last jewel has been added, something magical happens. The butterfly will come to life and fly around. The butterflies are shy, but if you hold your finger to the screen very still, the butterfly will come and land on your finger.

Sticky Mosaics® Butterflies iPad app includes:

– 1 free colorful butterfly templates to decorate
– 3 additional templates available with an in app purchase.
– 13 different colored and shaped jewels that really sparkle
– 4 interactive worlds to explore with your butterfly after they are complete. Each butterfly will land on your finger if you hold it really still.

Sticky Mosaics® is an award-winning brand of craft activities sold in over 40 countries around the world, manufactured by the Orb Factory in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Together with EverAge Apps, we are proud to present the first Sticky Mosaics™ app for the iPad.

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