Sticky Bees

“It’s just freaking addictive!” – WDAF 4 KC

“My new go-to casual gaming experience! Adorable, visually pleasing game.” – Revision 3

“Simple and satisfying! Maybe dragging bees into other enemies is more radical than I first thought…” – Joystiq

“The adorableness of Sticky Bees hides a tough but fair difficulty curve and a smattering of strategy.” – Pocket Gamer

“It has you bashing bugs with bees to bopping background beats. Fun!” – App Advice

“Fast paced with tons of action. When they say ‘Tons of enemies,’ in the description, they aren’t kidding.” – Smartphone App Review

Fresh, addictive and fun for everyone – Sticky Bees is here!

The Hummingbird King is wreaking havoc in the bee kingdom and it’s time for King Bee and his Sticky Bees to fight back!

Slide your way through waves of bugs while gathering a longer and longer chain of Sticky Bees to increase your score! Only the King Bee is strong enough to destroy those bugs – don’t let them touch the Sticky Bees!

Sticky Bees is unlike any game you’ve ever played before. The all-ages action is filled with 8 gorgeous levels, enemies, bosses, fun power-ups and simple touch controls. Play on a quick break or play for hours and complete missions, achievements or go for bragging rights on the leaderboards!

– Fresh, fast and easy to play
– You’re making music when you squash those bugs
– Tons of enemies on screen
– 8 beautiful levels, bosses and bugs
– Leaderboards
– Achievements
– Full Retina graphics support
– Gamecenter support
– Fun power-ups including: Invincibility, Pollen, Freeze and Boom!

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