Stick Quest: Cry havoc and let loose the sticks of war!

Prepare to pixel your pants as you journey into unknown realms in Stick Quest, the latest release from PixelStickGames.

A horde of enemies, weapon bearing and ready for battle, have infiltrated your peaceful island and are pillaging through each small village. Your enemy, the once mythological River Sticks army, is prepared to claim anyone and everyone in sight and return them to the pixel underworld where all has been set ablaze. Do you have what it takes to subdue the enemy?


You will begin in Pilo Village, where the first enemies have set foot ashore. Your mission is simple: journey across the island and deliver each village from the evil River Sticks army and their underworld accomplices.

Prepare for the fight of your life.

Victory is absolutely necessary, not only for the island, but for your quest. You will face varying climates and diverse amounts of enemies and will be able to fully upgrade your weapons arsenal as your quest progresses.Cry havoc and let loose the sticks of war!

√ Conquer all levels – through stunning sceneries, from Pilo Village to Dryhaste Desert

√ Battle different types of enemies including the pixel peons and the underworld lords

√ Earn 6 weapons upgrades – earn coins to purchase more

√ Obtain 4 additional upgrades to armor and mana

√ Use World Map to check your location and status
√ Enjoy OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements

√ Visually stunning and addictive game play

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