Stickman Trampoline PRO

Top 1 Sports Game! (Germany, Sweden)
Top 1 Paid Sports Game! (Sweden)
Top 5 Arcade Game! (Norway, Germany, Sweden, France)
Top 5 Overall Paid Game! (Norway, Germany, Sweden)
Top 10 Overall Paid App! (Norway, Germany)

— Over 200,000 Downloads! —

User – “This is a great app! So addicting! Cant wait to soar to new heights next time I play!”

User – “Get this game as fast as possible! So Fun!”

Do you have what it takes to survive wildly high jumps? What about wildly high flips?

Check out the latest game from TheAppWard! Stickman Trampoline will provide you with hours of fun as you top GameCenter Leaderboards and land jumps like a Stickman Pro!


– Addictive gameplay with pick-up-and-play simplicity
– Real physics engine to simulate real-life jumping… and beyond!
– GameCenter Leaderboards and achievements – challenge your friends!
– Challenging new objectives to prove your trampoline expertise
– Hundreds of flip combinations!
– Fully optimized for iPhone 5!

If you’re a fan of any other Stickman style games, Stickman Trampoline is a must-have!

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