Doodle Movie Challenge

How well do you know movies? Would you know them if they were portrayed by doodle stick figures?

You will be entertained by the humorous drawings while testing your knowledge of your favorite movies.

The rules are simple guess the correct movie right to gain points but be warned incorrect answers will take points away and it’s possible to have a negative score.

Are you up to the Doodle Movie Challenge?

– Kiip enabled! Earn real rewards while playing! provided by Kiip.
– 200+ questions with sound Fx and background music.
– Includes Sudden Death mode try and get as many correct as possible before your time runs out.
– Levels mode where each level you need a higher score to get to next level plus bonus rounds.
– Auto-saves games when app exits.
– Random questions and random answers on every new game started.
– Local and World High Scores.
– Includes OpenFeint social gaming.

NOTE: Apple is not a sponsor of any Kiip reward or promotion.

Warning: If some of the questions seem vague or difficult then you do not know your movie trivia.

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