Stickman Jump – A Jungle Race Game

Stickman needs to get thru the jungle to the Temple of the Zombies – but it won’t be easy since the jungle is made up of plateaus. The only way to get Stickman across these is with YOUR help!

You will need to place the trampolines so that Stickman can jump to the next landing by swiping your finger to place the trampoline in the correct spot. And along the way Stickman can collect more trampolines and collect coins to get some needed power boosts!

BUT WAIT! There are ROCKETS too! Yes ROCKETS! Stickman can ride a rocket over the plateaus so you can reach the Zombie Temple faster!

And just when you think you have this game wired – BIRDS will appear that can knock you off the plateaus or knock you off the rockets and you will have to start all over again.

But we have also given you the option to purchase (with real money) some extra coins to buy more trampolines, rockets or extra lives so you can really get thru this nasty jungle!

*Easy Intuitive Game Play!
*Twitter integration so you can tweet your results to your friends!
*Facebook integration to let your friends know that you are the best!
*GameCenter leaderboard to prove you are the best!

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