Sticker World

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they create a world of their own with over 300 stickers and 6 rolling landscapes.

From the sands of the desert to the depths of the ocean your kids can enjoy long landscapes to create their own imaginative worlds.

Finally, they can put it all together in the “WORLD” landscape that is 8 screens long and includes all 300+ stickers.


Landscapes span over multiple scenes. Touch the background and move it from left to right to see more of the landscape. No longer are you boxed into a single screen with limited area. Rolling screens allow for a story like feel to your creation. Build your own story as you scroll through the entire length of the landscape.


– Desert
– Ocean
– Farm
– Beach
– Park
– World (all of the above landscapes combined into one long landscape spanning 8 screens)


300+ Stickers that include

– exotic jungle animals
– jungle trees and brush
– farm animals, plants and flowers
– ocean creatures, fish and pirate ship
– kids playing in the park
– beach toys and sand castles

Auto Save and Start Fresh

Your creations are auto-saved every time a sticker is added to the landscape so that your kid’s work is never lost. When they’ve had enough of the current landscape they can start fresh by clearing the screen and starting over.

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