Stick-Fu is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Stick-Fu

Filled with charm but short on substance, Stick-Fu’s gameplay is just about as thin as its characters. This martial arts-themed brawler pits stick man vs stick man in a simplistic, yet fairly fun beat-em-up.

The goal is to move from left to right, bashing everything that gets in your path. It’s boring in theory, but what saves Stick-Fu are its amazing animations. The moves aren’t complex to execute at all (mostly you’re just pounding the attack button) but you wouldn’t know it by the crazy maneuvers that the onscreen character pulls off, like back flips, jump kicks, and all manner of over-the-top kung-fu stunts.

No one makes me bleed my own blood.

Bash enough stickmen in a row and your special move meter will become active. These run the gamut from simple kick combos to huge spikes that shoot out of the ground around you, and even manifesting a shotgun from your own body mass.

It’s certainly not complex or even all that original, but this game’s got style. Even if you are essentially just repeating the same few levels over and over with harder enemies, Stick-Fu makes sure you’re way more focused on escaping death and dealing out pain than you are about which images are plastered in the background. Once Stick-Fu fixes some of the bugs that affect combat, this could be a worthy purchase.