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Steve Young Football! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Steve Young Football Review

It’s fair to assume that a sports game backed by a major athlete would be made to appeal to sport fans. With Steve Young Football, that is absolutely not the case. Ironically enough, football fans probably wouldn’t enjoy this game, but for us gamers, it’s quite fun. Or, as the star quarterback himself would say, “It is so Steve Young.’

The premise of the game is to flick Steve Young across the field and into the touchdown zone, catching at least one of three stars along the way. You have full control of him until you send him running past the line of scrimmage.

Of course, it isn’t quite that simple. As the game progresses through four insane worlds, new enemy types and barriers are constantly added. For example, there are landmines that will blow you up if you get too close, raving pigs that will run you around in circles, and crazy fans that will bounce you away. Some worlds also have unique attributes, like bouncy walls in the pinball world or a physics-defying stadium in space.

Pigskins… in… space!

In order to pass each puzzle, you may need to use some of Steve’s four downs. For example, sometimes you’ll have to detonate bombs before you can reach a star.

Not all the levels are well-designed, though. Dragging-based levels, where you have to drag Steve through a maze, take more luck than skill. The dragging controls aren’t very responsive either, making the ordeal even more frustrating.

Even after unlocking all 80 levels, there is a lot of replay value in collecting all three stars from each level. Many times, the way you collect one star is completely different from collecting another, so you’ll need to approach the puzzle in a new way.

These pigs are getting revenge for years of being made into pigskins.

A multiplayer mode is also available, where one player fills up the field with obstacles and the other then tries to avoid them. In the future, it would be cool to see this concept expanded to user-created content, letting players create their own levels for others to play online.

Steve Young Football also has an iPad version, but it costs five times as much as the iPhone version. One feature in the iPad version that the iPhone version doesn’t have is the ability to connect two devices over local Wi-Fi, but not Bluetooth. You can then put the two iPads side-by-side and play the game with a larger field. However, this is probably not worth the extra $4.

Steve Young Football may be odd in that it doesn’t cater to the Madden crowd. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a fun, casual title that is sure to leave you a little perplexed and very amused.