Step the White Line

*A new stage was added!
This game is a game which steps on only the white line.

Probably, there are also many people who have done as a child.
It is an application of the nostalgic rule
“Only the white line of a pedestrian crossing is stepped on.”

This is a simple game which carries out tap and drag.
This game is free.
How about playing as kill time.

[how to operate]
The tap of the white line is carried out with a finger.
It can go to a front by dragging downward, without lifting the finger.

[easy/normal/hard mode]
It will be the goal,
if only the white line of a pedestrian crossing is stepped on and it can finish crossing.
This rule is a contest of speed.
The sidebar shows the current position.

[endless mode]
This mode is a game which continues stepping on a white line forever.
The side bar in this mode shows not a current position but time.
Time increases by taking a step forward.

This game is going to add a new stage by update later.

This game records your high score.

[game center]
You can compete with other players for score if you enroll in “GameCenter”.

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