Steampunk Warrior

An agent of Nobles faction (Douglas) is assigned to check some suspicious activities by the rebel faction: Street. The investigation has become messy when he is spotted out. Now he must counter and survive from many of enemies reinforcement strike.

+ challenge yourself for intense battle and try to survive while outnumbered
+ 3D steampunk art theme
+ various type of enemies that relentless chasing you : the bouncer, the handgunner, the shotgunner, the devastating launcher and the suicidal bomber
+ 3 maps with 25 waves for each map
+ 2 bosses with different weapon (map Dam and Workshop)
+ 3 type of weapons on your arsenal: Revolver, Shotgun and Machinegun with 4 variant for each type of weapon
+ checkpoint system for every 5 wave

***** IPad2+ Optimized

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