Steam Puzzle HD Pro

The Pro version has no ads.

Help Doctor Calgory and his assistant Stimkin decipher encrypted tablets in an ancient temple.

To succeed, Dr. Calgory has to solve various puzzles which involve rotating square groups of components and matching components of the same type. As Calgory proceeds with his quest, help him invent powerful equipment and unlock additional game modes with which he conducts scientific experiments in his lab.

This highly addictive game starts simple but, as you get deeper into it, keeps offering you new variety and surprising challenges. There is always something to do or try out. See if you can complete all the achievements.

– Simple rules
– 20 different game modes for more fun
– Colorful 3D graphics in steam punk setting, hilarious dialogs and memorable characters
– Quest with 30 levels unlocks 5 powerful artefacts
– Over 200 achievements
– 10 music tracks (20 in HD version)

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