Static Charge Lite

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Ranked in the Top 50 Puzzle in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden
Ranked in the Top 50 Arcade in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden

Your civilization has harnessed the power of electricity and brought peace to the world. Evil alien invaders want to steal your technology and destroy your cities. Little do they realize that your scientists have turned the large battery towers into lightning weapons. Hurry! Destroy each wave of aliens as they charge down towards your planet. Once the aliens reach your Tesla orbs, your world as you know it is over.

SonicGateway brings you a unique arcade puzzle game. Not your average shooting game here! Strategically shoot down alien invaders to gain more points and earn power ups when groups of aliens are destroyed.

Static Charge is electrified fun and shocking addictive.

Static Charge Lite features:

* over 75 Waves available
* Game Center Support
* Leaderboard and Achievements
* Three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard)
* 7 unique alien invaders
* Stunning high quality graphics with Retina display support

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