FREE VERSION! Test drive the amazing StarWitness game!

The streets are filled with dastardly criminals who are bringing your city to ruin. The police are at their wits end and need your help to identify the crazy criminals. Keep alert, and if you see a crime, report it to the police right away. Make sure you identify the correct criminal or else you may be sending an innocent person to jail. Do you have what it takes to be a Star Witness?

Sharpen up your memory and get yourself ready for a hilarious ride through StarWitness’ criminal infested streets.

Each criminal has a unique set of features, and no level will ever be the same no matter how many times you play it. Guaranteed hours of fun and entertainment that will also help your memory recognition.

First 3 levels available, with many more hilariously unique scenes and criminals in the full version.
Random criminal creation, so that no level is the same for maximum re-playability.
Each level is short and sweet, so you can play for a minute or hours.
Identify criminals quickly to collect all of the stars for the perfect score.
Optimized for high-definition retina display.
Beautifully detailed colorful illustrations.

Keep checking back for regular updates.

“I didn’t realize how bad my memory really was until I played StarWitness. Now I can spot criminals like a secret agent. This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played!” – James Dvorak – Lead Developer – LitFuse – StarWitness

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