★About the game★

StarForce is the game of solving a puzzle to produce a unit.
A mix of puzzle and defense game

Campaign mode(Total 84 stage) and Survival mode onus mode( three different types of mini-games)

★How to Play★

– You can get resources when three or more blocks of the same shape is lined. The blocks disappear when you get Resources.
– Units are activated when Resources are saved enough to produce the unit.
– You can acquire Resources when you solve the puzzle straight..
– You can move another block at the same time when moving one block.
– Resources are increased to 200% for 10 seconds with Crazy mode when you use 7 Combo. Make use of Combo.

★Game Tip★

– Better to produce units at one time after saving Resources.
– You can use the skill during a game if you buy a skill(Bombing of death,Emergency care, Airborne) in upgrade menu..

– You can use the skill if you clear some blocks after buy a skill.
– You can play the survival mode when cleared chater2
– Resources are supplied automatically with time in Survival mode.
– You can get Resources when your units push the enemy to reach the end of the screen. Manage Resources more efficiently to play your game profitably.

Game play video

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