Starcraft II Noob to Pro Build Order Guide

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Starcraft 2 Noob to Pro Build Order Guide is a revolutionary way to play Starcraft 2 for all beginners and advanced players. With timer and voice interpretations you know exactly what and when to build or produce. You can fully concentrate on the game while SC2 Noob to Pro Build Order Guide will make macro (timing) for you.

Starcraft 2 Patch Version: 1.5.2

Video 1:
Video 2:

Main features:
– More than 30 well-timed build orders
– Interpretation of the voice instructions
– Detailed information about each unit and building
– Preview of the previous and next steps
– Playing without having to look and touch your iOS device
– Build order preview
– Application selectable timeline for beginners, intermediate and professional players
– Choice of game speed just like in Starcraft 2
– Builds utilized by pro players and commentators like: EGIdra, PsyStarcraft. HuskyStarcraft, LiquidTLO, VileSpanishiwa and other
– Possibility to pause
– Beautiful graphics


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