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Star Wars: Cantina is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Star Wars: Cantina Review

Imagine for a second that Jennifer Aniston’s body was merged with that of a walrus. Now that you’re thinking of what that monstrosity might look like, this game might not seem like such a weird combination.

Star Wars: Cantina is a Diner Dash-style game that blends fast-paced strategy with the Star Wars universe. Cantina features a new character named Nia Adea, who makes the greatest flavor of syrup in the galaxy. She uses this talent to help her friend, who is in trouble with a loan shark. The story runs wild from there as Nia tries to help her friend make enough money to pay off his debt.

The core of the game is broken up into 15 segments. In each segment, or day, you are tasked with serving a certain number of customers and reaching a target profit within the time limit.

He doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either.

Gameplay gets frantic very quickly. If you have ever played a time management game before, you know that you will never be fast enough, and all you can do is try to keep up with the endless stream of customers. You act as a waitress, showing people to their seats, filling their orders, and then taking their hard-earned money.

It’s a simple idea, with a simple execution. One tap of the screen will take you from the front of the restaurant to the seating area, where you can simply tap on each individual table to interact with it. It doesn’t take long for the game to pick up in difficulty as the restaurant expands and adds more tables.

Cantina does a good job in tying in the Star Wars universe in a fairly subtle way. There are many different characters that will show up at the restaurant, including Jawas, Stormtroopers, and even a Hutt. Each of these characters also has different quirks about them that you must be aware of.

Jawas tip very well but have a short temper, so if they aren’t served quickly, they will steal money from your earnings. Stormtroopers are terrible tippers, but while they’re sitting in your restaurant, they have a calming presence on the other clientele which prevents them from stealing or breaking tables. This keeps you on your toes and forces you to make smart decisions about who to feed first and keep happy.

Service with a smile.

Progression in Cantina is based on how much money you make each day. Different styles of customers will tip different amounts, but one thing remains consistent. If you take too long or serve the wrong drink, they will become angry, tip very little, and even break tables or kill other customers. Who knew flavored syrup caused creatures to become violent?

Overall, the game does a good job of creating a new Star Wars experience out of something that has nothing to do with it. The visuals are quite simple, which is good, because there isn’t a need for much more. Once you complete the story, there is an endless mode you can play to see how high of a score you can rack up.

It disappoints us that there are no leaderboards for bragging to all your friends, but besides that minor setback, the game is a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Star Wars: Cantina Announced

With action-based Star Wars titles Trench Run and The Force Unleashed already on the App Store, it seems THQ Wireless has decided it was time to take the popular franchise in a new direction. In their upcoming Star Wars: Cantina, you play as barmaid Nia Adea, serving familiar customers their space-approved beverage of choice.

Much like other time-management games, Star Wars: Cantina has a steady stream of customers romping into your pub to get their fair share of booze. The bartender will take on mixing the drinks, so your task is to deliver them to the right customers. Many of these, such as Jabba the Hutt and rowdy groups of stormtroopers, will be familiar to franchise fans.

A campaign with a story told through comic-book style pictures and an endless mode will be available to suit different types of play sessions. Doing a good job will allow you to use items to decorate your cantina and raise the spirits of the residents.

Star Wars: Cantina may not bring much new to the table, but our hope is that it capitalizes on the franchise in a compelling way. The game is said to be launching very soon, and we will take a deeper look when it does.