Star Warfare:Alien Invasion

Universal Rating: 12+

Star Warfare:Alien Invasion is a game from Freyr Games, originally released 22nd January, 2012


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Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Review

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion is just the kind of game you’d expect from the title. It’s a science-fiction shooter that pits you against alien swarms in wave after wave of three-dimensional, dual-stick craziness. There’s a story to this game, but you probably wouldn’t know it. The story scrolls by in a tiny text box at the speed of light, but it’s not a huge loss. This genre has never been known for its amazing storytelling.

You control a tiny space soldier, Prototype-2, who looks something like a cross between Halo’s Master Chief and Mega Man. He’s small in stature, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t pack a punch. He carries a laser rifle which can be upgraded or swapped out for bigger weapons, if you’ve got the money.

You control your little alien-killing machine with two virtual joysticks, one in each bottom corner. The left joystick moves your character around the environment, while the right aims and shoots his weapon simultaneously. If you want to look around the environment without firing, you can swipe across the middle of the screen.

Shoot a nuke down a bug hole…

The game itself is rather simple. You must survive an onslaught of alien baddies until they are all destroyed. You’ll fight against increasingly difficult waves in the same level, and because the waves always last longer than you expect, the levels can kind of drag on. There other levels you can play, but you can’t unlock them until you defeat the earlier stage.

Prototype-2’s supplies are your responsibility, which often becomes more of a hassle than you’d think. Once you defeat a wave, you are rewarded with cash based on your performance. You can spend this on new gear, like a helmet or body armor, or you can buy weapons and ammo. You’ll never find ammo lying around the level, so if you don’t have enough ammo in a level, you’ll have to quit, buy ammo, and restart.

You got a lot of dead bugs.

Using your Game Center account, you can also play co-op with up to two other players. You can find a player if you know their Game Center name or you can jump into a random game. Playing with friends is more enjoyable than going solo, but that doesn’t do anything to stop the boredom caused by long levels and repetitive gameplay.

Underneath the loads of extra weapons and the glimmer of its graphics, Star Warfare: Alien Invasion is a dual-stick shooter that doesn’t bother to add anything new or innovative to the genre. The purchasing system, especially buying ammo, is just a hassle that stops the gameplay. The addition of co-op multiplayer is nice, but isn’t enough to make this game memorable.