Star TicTacToe Pro

Get Star TicTacToe 2.0 and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge!

Have you ever played TicTacToe with a pencil and paper on a 3×3 grid and your opponent marks the center spot? Frustrating, right? What would you say if we told you that we have the solution for your frustration? Let Jenny tell you what she thinks about Star TicTacToe 2.0.

Hi, My NaMe is Jenny and I’m 13tEeN. We uSed To play TicTacToe with my fRienDs (XOXOXO) during clASSes, but today I HeaRd from my BFF, that nOW It’s PossiBle make iT EVEn more Xciting!!1 ShE had D-loaded A game CalLed Star TicTacToe 2.0. It’s AlmOst Like the old TicTacToe (LoL), but the gRid iS now sooo BIG – 12X12!!!!! OMG!! All U nEEd to Do iS to get 5ive Xs or Os in A roW and Rule!! The BesT tHing IS that now mE and my BFF cAn pLay it evenThough we dIdn’T sit n3Xt to each OtHer’s. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! U should Try iT Out TOO!!



Feature list: New weapons, virtual items and themes, in-game chat, player following system, rematch system, guest play (no registration needed), enhanced Facebook login, achievements, totally renewed Star Arcade Social Lounge, in-app shop.

Star Arcade – Be a legend!

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