Star Sweeper

Star Sweeper is a real-time 3D game with awesome graphic and gameplay.

You will use the simulation touch keys to control a space fighter, your mission is to destroy the enemies jumping from the black hole and protect our galaxy.

You have two powerful weapons can be used:
– Machine gun
Less damage but fast speed, you can fire around to destory everything in front of you.
– Missile
Mass damage but slow reload, missle will auto lock a target and chase after it.

And three skills will start automatically when you get enough combo:
– Machine gun power up
– Energy shield
– Infinite missiles

You can pick up this game anytime and stop whenever you want, Everytime you play it is a new challenge. There is no save, no farming, no managing, no level up, just very simple fun of challenging.

What you waiting for? Space Marine Legion is waiting! Try beat the high scores!

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