Star Physics HD

Collect the stars using the ball. Roll the ball using the wooden pieces.
Use your instincts or go about solving the accurate points to place the wooden pieces in order to let the ball roll over them to collect the stars.
Feel the rush!
Challenge your inner logic instincts by trying to figure out the exact places to place the wood. A game sure to tingle your skill at reasoning which gets excited with the passing of every level.
How to Play
Place the wooden pieces at the most effective points to let the ball roll over them and collect all the stars. Tap and drag the wood and release to let gravity do its work. Challenge gravity by letting the wood fall freely and use the position of the wood to your “roll” advantage!
Call Us! We’re Listening!
The game is getting stuck? Or are you just not able to figure out the controls? Or do you have a suggestion to make? Drop in a mail at and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

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