StacQube is an advanced block stacking game.
move two falling cubes to stack and destroy.
Destroy highlighted “target cube” to clear the stage.

To destroy, align the cubes with the same number, either horizontally or vertically.
However, you need to align at least the same number as on the cube.
For example, you need to stack at least two cubes with “2”, or at least four cubes with “4” to destroy.

Higher score for simultaneous multiple destruction.
Even higher score for destroying the “target cube” with the chain destruction!

With TekuID, fair and accurate world score ranking has been achieved.You can submit your highest score only.
Are you ready to be the top ranker in the world?

How to move cubes
– swipe cube to move sideways.
– flick down to drop.
– tap each side of the cube to rotate

– Destroy cubes with the same numbers, by connecting at least the number as on the cube.
– Destroy the highlighted cube to clear the stage.
– Higher score for multiple destruction.
– Higher score for less remaining cubes.

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