Stackeo For iPad Free

We thank Apple for selecting our app “Stackeo” in the New and Noteworthy section in AppStore. This has given a boost to our confidence and an assurance to our valued iDevice users.

Stackeo is a fantastic game of balancing the blocks. It’s a challenge to arrange the blocks right from the base to the maximum possible formation in a single level. The balancing art makes this a must-have game to relish in your iPhone, iPad and iPod. The challenge comes in the form of different shapes. Arrange them in such a way that the block holding the other supports it without falling. Each level poses you with a task to arrange the blocks in a different order. This game will be a challenge for players who want to enhance their game planning, gaming strategy, competitiveness etc.

Levels get more challenging as you plan your way to higher levels. Do you want to make it or Stack it…Stackeo is the only choice!
Drag each block and place it on the base
Arrange the blocks such that they support each other
Arrange the final block and wait for 5 seconds
Proceed to next level
Don’t overlap blocks (Overlapped blocks is displayed with a cross mark)
20 levels of ground shattering challenge
Various Blocks – Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Circle
Global Scores
Grab the offer now……. Download it for free!!!

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