Stack Up!

How do you Stack Up? Challenge the classic arcade game, but watch out- the digital edition has some new tricks!

&#x25A0 4 Difficulty levels: Kids-Classic-Expert-Impossible
&#x25A0 Stack forever in Endless
&#x25A0 Shape – complete the board to win
&#x25A0 *NEW* Race- Beat the machine to the top!
&#x25A0 Level up to experience new modes and games!
&#x25A0 50 Prizes- 25 big and 25 small to collect
&#x25A0 Earn tickets to buy prizes or boosts!
&#x25A0 Different colored blocks
&#x25A0 Helping hands- give yourself a boost to the top by rewinding time or skip the start
&#x25A0 Bonuses- collect them if you’re quick
&#x25A0 Game center and achievements- become king of the arcade!
&#x25A0 More game modes and prizes to follow in updates

What’s are you waiting for? Tap download and begin stacking in an unmistakably upward direction!

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