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Help Squirrel collect acorns in a race against time!

With Winter approaching, Squirrel must traverse yards filled with rampant lawnmowers, thorny hedges, crafty gophers, and the occasional domestic pet in a quest for tasty acorns. SQUIRRELED™ provides challenging entertaining gameplay for the entire family with plenty of replay value.

SQUIRRELED™ features educational value with speed math type gameplay including separate addition, multiplication, and division learning modules. After successfully exploring a few yards, you must help Squirrel sort acorns testing your computation skills as you quickly add acorn values to score points.

The Learning Den combines learning with fun! 3 full Addition, Multiplication, and Division learning modules allow players to sharpen their Math skills. Play on your own or challenge a friend on the Game Center! Plenty of replay-able learning value and fun for all ages.

There is no gun violence depicted or the concept of lives lost in SQUIRRELED™. But be prepared to make a split second decision whether or not to dash in front of that lawnmower or cross that road – Squirrel might lose all the acorns he has in his cheeks!

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