Squirkie: Lost His Shells! HD

Only $0.99 for a limited period! Help Squirkie NOW!

Help Squirkie the Turtle find his shells!

Something embarrassing has happened! Squirkie had lost his shells! Help him deliver his shells by launching them towards him whilst collecting stars in this unique physics puzzler with 80 levels and more coming soon! Save him from embarrassment!

Key Features:
• 80 levels spread across four defined worlds each with their own elements! (With more coming soon!)
• Realistic gravity physics!
• Innovative and creative gameplay mechanics! (including touch,pull and release to shoot!)
•Dodge spikes and black holes, catch leaves and fly into vortexes!
• Grow and master your own collection of stars!
• Childlike humour for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you for all the support! Because of you we’ve ranked in the top charts in various countries under Kids favourite games and puzzles!

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