Squid Shoots Skeets! HD

★ Featured in G4TV’s Best Mobile Games of the Week! – “Do yourself a favor and spend a buck!”-G4TV ★

FRUIT SHOOT! is a heart-pounding arcade action game with beautiful visuals and graphics. Simple tap-to-shoot gameplay that’s perfect for today’s touch devices.

★ BEAUTIFUL HIGH RESOLUTION GRAPHICS! – Hand-crafted 2D cartoon graphics that look great on any device.

★ UNIVERSAL IPAD, IPHONE, AND IPOD APP! – Buy it only once and install it on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod!

★ 3 GAME MODES! – Classic, Sudden Death, and Easy Peasy Kids Mode.

★ GAME CENTER ENABLED – Compete with the world’s best Fruit Shooters!

★ TWITTER SUPPORT – Brag about your Hi-Score to all.

★ Save personal Hi-Score locally and clear when desired to compete with friends.

* In the world of FRUIT SHOOT! you must try to shoot as many skeets as you can. Miss any of the fruit items and you’ll lose a life. Miss 3 and it’s GAME OVER! ☠

* Try to shoot the extra life bonus items to extend your game, and the Blue Star skeet for bonus points.

* DON’T SHOOT the Bombs and Grenades! (Unless your goal in life is to hang out at the bottom of the leaderboards)

* Timing is essential to success! Take aim and wait for the cursor to turn RED, otherwise you’ll miss and waste bullets.

★ BONUS ‘RELAX’ MODE – Head to the ‘Options’ menu and hit ‘Relax’ to sit back and chill to the world of FRUIT SHOOT! HD.



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