Squeeze Brain Quiz

You know a lot! But how much? Test your knowledge in this comprehensive yet entertaining quiz. It contains more than three thousand questions in categories:

– Geography (countires, capitals, flags and continents)
– Movies (available for tryout)
– Just for Kids (available for tryout)

Download now to get extra keys that will unlock any quiz you want for tryout.

Additional quizes available via In App Purchase:

– Geography Hard
– Movies (actors, directors and movies’ heroes)
– Movies Hard (if you are a telemaniac)
– PC Games (for all gamers around the world)
– Console Games
– Science (for all brainiacs out there)
– Science Hard

We have prepared special content for kids:

– Just for Kids (it is suitable even for children that can’t read yet)
– Animals for kids
– Math for kids
– Shapes for kids

More categories comming soon!

This game has beautiful graphics and great sounds that make you feel like taking part in a TV show quiz. Squeeze, stretch and twist your brain having fun and getting smarter at the same time. Experience the thrill when the time is running out and you are on the verge of a new record! No other quiz is as exciting and intense as Squeeze Brain Quiz!

You can compete against players from all over the world via Game Center. Be quick, be smart and climb to the top of the ranking.
You can also play Duel with your friend on one device. It is great for the parties, or during traveling with your friends.

This is an universal application that will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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