Squares & Fruit – cover the squares with fruit

A FREE juicy logic game with plenty of challenge. Squares & Fruit is a cover me puzzle with unique shapes, beautiful colors and amazing, addicting challenges. The goal is to cover an entire shape with all the same fruit using as few turns as possible.

See if you can stop after playing the first, second or third rounds! And if you win here watch for the complexity to increase.

Squares & Fruit comes in two playing modes. While both modes reward the efficient player, to get a high score, each demands a different strategy. For instance, Classic mode players should conserve moves for the next round; Challenge mode players should match the edges to get higher scores.


Many cool features

❏ Classic / Challenge mode
❏ 12 escalating levels of difficulty
❏ Undo a mistake or buy the rights to undo several mistakes
❏ Integration with Game Center, Twitter, Facebook
❏ Play your own music, ours or turn music off completely
❏ Cool sound effects


& FREE and ridiculously addictive and fun.

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