Square Shooters – Poker Matching with Cards on Dice!

The most amazing poker-matching dice game ever! Features the world’s FIRST deck of cards on dice.

Now you can ROLL every 4-of-a-kind, straight flush and royal flush — matching poker hands has never been more fun!

A wildly-popular new game in retail stores, Square Shooters® includes all 52 cards (+ 2 jokers) on 9 PATENTED dice, specially arranged so you can achieve all poker hands.

Now you can play anytime your phone is handy. Turn-based play lets you open multiple games with Facebook friends or random opponents, and you can play your turn when you have a free moment.

Play to win, and keep track of your stats while you earn your way to bragging rights around your school or office!


★ Turn over a game card for a target poker hand assignment
★ Roll the dice 3x to match the hand
★ Select and unselect dice after each roll
★ Watch out! Choosing a die takes 5 other cards out of play.
★ Win chips if you get the type of hand
★ Double your score if you match the example hand exactly!
★ A Showdown card pits one player against the other for the best roll. The winner takes chips from the other player!
★ 12 turns of play for a perfect game duration
★ Free bonus roll for every game!


★ Facebook log-on: use Facebook to find friends to play!
★ Turn-based play allows multiple game sessions at once
★ Patented design
★ Popular poker-matching play pattern
★ Settings to adjust sound and dice layout style
★ Optional push notifications
★ Game rules and practice play
★ Based on the best-selling new retail game!

Please contact us with questions, concerns or suggestions at mobile@squareshooters.com.

We may occasionally send you emails to remind you that you have friends waiting for you to play or to make special offers and announcements.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, go to


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