Square Hexxagon – Pudding Hero FREE Online HD

Enjoy Jelly OTHELLO !!!

Fill with your jelly on the board! You enjoy Tap clone with your friends just like Tapping and Cloning jelly.

‘Pudding Hero’ is a charming puzzle game. Move your jelly into and clone other neighboring jellies with your jelly. If you want to join cute jelly’s territory war, download now. Be careful that the other player can clone your jelly.

‘Pudding Hero’ support network online to play with facebook users.

★ Tap to select, move!

★ Single play / Online playing with friends.
★ Over 50 maps
★ Special tile item : Block, Wood, Spring, Teleport

★ Bingo Star 90 Live
★ Bingo City 75 Live
★ Let’s poker Online HD
★ Spot the difference – Seoul

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