Quick thinking and frantic fingers are needed if you “Dare to SqAre up to the gods” in this wildly addictive new game.

*** As featured at the top of the “New & Noteworthy” Sections for Puzzles and Family Games (UK App Store) ***

SqAres is delightfully simple to learn yet devilishly difficult to master.

Help Ares as he battles against Apollo in a godly war of wits. You only have seconds to press an edge and turn it red – if you complete a sqare (all 4 edges red) you get a point and another go. But watch out for the devious computer god Apollo as he tries to block you whilst building sqares of his own!! Expert players can purchase the additional levels against tougher opposition gods.

Impossible to put down as a single player game, there’s an added dimension when you pit your wits against friends and family in multi-player mode.

Help Ares win a life of peace with the beautiful Aphrodite by thinking about the box!

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