Spy, sneak, jump, fly, puzzle, and fight your way through an absurd story of espionage and deception in SpyCorp: A stealth puzzle platformer. Armed with gadgets like jetpacks and smoke bombs, you attempt to foil the plot of a diabolical madman and save the world — which turns out to involve sneaking in shadows, overcoming dimwitted enemy agents and their devious bosses, bungee jumping and grappling, solving mini-puzzles, climbing walls with super suction cups, and swimming among sharks… with laser beams attached to their heads!

“A feast for platforming fans in search of titles with real depth.”
— iFanzine

“Vibrant production design and some brilliant gags. ”
— Pocket Gamer

“The level designs are well done and extremely entertaining.”
— App-Score

“I love this game! I finished every single level and it had a great ending.”
— An actual player we didn’t know in advance

“I have no idea how to play this but I like the music.”
— The Developer’s Mom


** 50 replayable levels across 5 different environments, each with 3-star rating and point system
** Customizable controls: use either direct touch or virtual buttons that you can resize and re-position anywhere
** Diverse spy gadgets provide multiple ways to progress through levels
** Original spy story with quirky characters
** Modern 3D animation in a retro-inspired 2D world
** Game Center support: More than 30 achievements plus leaderboards
** Throwback spy-themed interactive musical score
** iCloud support for playing the same character across devices (requires iCloud to be available and enabled)

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