SPUTNIK is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sputnik Review

America, this is your Sputnik moment: Lithuanian and Argentinian developers Nordcurrent have launched a simple space dodging game into the Appmosphere, and gamers everywhere should take notice.

Sputnik could be described as a combination of Doodle Jump and Space Invaders Infinity Gene. What appears to be a simple tilt-based game where you dodge asteroids and other debris quickly becomes mind-bending, as the screen randomly shifts and moves independently of your actions.

The universe tilts on the axis of evil.

The screen will zoom out, leaving you to navigate through a postage-stamp sized asteroid field, or it will tilt 45 degrees, flip upside down, pulsate, and flicker. It’s a very clever mechanic, and it keeps each playthrough interesting.

Sputnik doesn’t have a lot of lasting value, since the high scores are through Facebook only and it has no extra modes or fun power-ups. It’s a clever idea that could be expanded into a more rewarding game, but we still think this game’s playful pranks are worth recommending. Sputnik proves that not just retro remakes of Space Invaders and Pac-Man can mess with your expectations and surprise you.