Spunky Monkey Pro

Slide your way through the Jungle!!!

Spunky Monkey is all about launching the mischievous monkey from tree to tree to save its child. Tilt the device to swing the monkey. Hook and release the rope to progress the monkey further. Become a savior as you can help the monkey reach to its child.

The journey through the jungle is hazardous as the monkey encounters too many obstacles on its way.

PS: Too many collisions with the obstacles might end the game

Carefully plan the moves and glide the monkey towards its child. Spunky Monkey is quite nit picky as you progress further. This game will keep you entertained throughout the game.

Slither Features:

->Glide through 30 levels
->Accelerometer control
->Increase the rope length using the bar
->Avoid colliding with obstacles as number of hits is limited
->No Time Limit

Hurry the monkey is in need of help!!!

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