Sprinkle Islands

Universal Rating: 4+

Sprinkle Islands is a game from Mediocre AB, originally released 11th July, 2013


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Sprinkle Islands Review

Two years is a long, long time in the iOS universe. An eternity even. When the first Sprinkle game came out almost two years ago, it was a bit of a revelation. A creative, ambitious water-based physics puzzler, Sprinkle was a shining gem in an already crowded genre. However, in the intervening years, countless other physics puzzlers have been released, and Sprinkle even got upstaged by Disney with it’s water based game, Where’s My Water. So now we’ve got the sequel, Sprinkle Islands, and the big question is: Did the developer make the two year wait worth it?

Well let’s just say that two years is a long, long time.

Sprinkle Islands has everything that made the first game so much fun. It still has the great concept, the cute character designs, and a wonderful mix of ideas from other puzzle games. You take your lovable little alien firefighter as he drives his giant water cannon on a crane across a series of increasingly challenging levels to save his alien buddies from burning fires. You use your water cannon to move boulders, open doors, raise bridges and activate elevators to save your globus friends. The levels are cleverly designed, they’re challenging enough to give your brain a workout, and the graphics are almost too adorable for their own good.

It has all of the elements that made the first one such a tremendous joy to play. But therein lies the problem with Sprinkle Islands. If you read the review of the first game, then there’s almost no need to read a review of the second. It’s quite simply the same game as the first. Other than a change in setting (which doesn’t change how you play) and the addition of boss battles at the end of each of the four worlds, Sprinkle Islands is basically the same game as the first. Essentially nothing has been done to mix up the gameplay or to give you any reason to get too terribly excited it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad game at all. Far from it. It’s just, well, I’m not really sure why we had to wait two years for a game that does nothing to move the franchise forward and that offers almost nothing new.

The only real difference is that if you get really, really stuck on a level you’re given the chance to skip it after a few failed attempts.

Sprinkle Islands is essentially a DLC expansion pack to the first game. It’s still fun, it’s still cute, and it’s still demanding enough to tease your brain. If the first game had never came out then Sprinkle Islands would be a breath of fresh air. Instead, it feels a little stale.