Springs’nThings Lite – Version 1.5
Both Physics and Fun

Springs ‘n Things is an entertaining demonstration application and educational display for the iPhone/iPad. It simulates the dynamics of up to four springs connected to a moveable ball. Touch, drag and release the ball to see it bounce around. The length and stiffness of the springs can be individually adjusted. One of the springs can be transformed into a fixed spring or a pendulum. The ball can be made to respond to the tilting and shaking motions of the iPhone/iPad. The motion of the ball can be perpetual or it can be slowed by spring resistance by viscous damping as if it were moving in air or water.

Bounces forever
0-4 springs
Air, water or vacuum viscosity
Turn gravity on or off – shake and tilt sensitive
Real computer simulation accurate to 1%

Screen shots below:
1) 4 springs
2) a pendulum
3) modify mass screen showing 3 springs
4) modify springs screen showing a fixed spring
5) full screen with a fixed spring and 3 additional springs

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