Spot with Me

-       Beautiful pictures and imagery (Kazza Photography)!
–       Addictive gameplay, fun for everyone!
–       Puzzle game
–       Play with Facebook or Twitter friends!
–       Set up a private account!
–       Competitive game amongst friends!
–       All time player rankings!
–       Game for both kids and adults!
–       Brain game
–       Intelligence game
How to Play:
–       Spot the 5 Differences between two identical images
faster than your opponent!
–       Invite a friend through Facebook or Twitter to play with.
–       You may use one hint per round played.
–       You have 3 minutes to find all the differences.
–       After 3 strikes, time stops.
–       Player is given an initial 5-hint package.
–       Player accumulates coins for his/her game play. These
coins can be used to make purchases in the in-app

*5 coins for every “difference” spotted.
    *15 Bonus coins for every round won.
    *25 coins for every opponent a player invites via
Facebook or Twitter.

–       Player may use coins to purchase more hint packages
in the in-app store.
–       Player may use coins to purchase more image packages
in the in-app store.

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