Spot The Difference! HD Free

★ 100 Free Spot The Difference Puzzles
★ The MOST puzzles of any Free Spot The Difference Game!
★ Free Download for a limited time, Download Now!
★ Gamecenter enabled, play Timed or Untimed, easy to hard photo challenges.
★ Enjoy a SteamPunk theme designed around the What’s The Difference style game. Hunt the photos for 5 differences within the time frame to complete the puzzle.


1. Play the game against the Timer to compete for the High Score!
2. Play without a timer at your own pace.
2. Use three hints during game play when you get stumped.
3. In game downloads, download new HD picture puzzles whenever you want.

Tips, Tricks and Hints:

1. Save your Hints for as long as possible. You gain 500 points for every unused Hint per puzzle round.
2. Play the un-timed version of our game to memorize the Differences.
3. Be the first to download the latest Photo Packs by following us on Facebook.

What to look for in the game:

1. Resized differences.
2. Missing differences.
3. Color changes.
4. Brightness changes.

Note: If you need support or have feedback, contact us on our website.

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