SPORTvia – Sports Trivia

SPORTvia is the latest trivia game from GandA Studios. It features over 800 questions and 13 categories. Answer all questions correctly to turn all categories ‘green’.
-Questions about the NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, NCAA, NASCAR, and more -Includes questions from as recent as 2012
-Simple and clean interface
-Accurate Questions & Answers
-Non auto generated answers ensure questions and answers that make sense
-Facebook and Twitter integration -Answers are not revealed on incorrect questions, but are given priority in future games until answered correctly
-Unasked questions are given priority over questions that have been answered correctly
-Keep track of stats including career games and points, correct answers and wrongs
-Categories include Stats & Records, Awards, MMA, NCAA, MVP, Nicknames, and more
-The more points you score, the more categories you unlock -Follow us at or to get additional unlock codes

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