SportsQuizly – Sports Team Quiz Game

SportsQuizly – Take the Sports Team Quiz Challenge!

A new exciting sports quiz game to test your knowledge of Professional U.S. Sports Teams. Try to beat the clock and find out how many questions you can answer correctly within 2 minutes.

Whichever sport you choose – whether it’s Professional Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey or All Sports – SportsQuizly will challenge your knowledge of sports team names, cities where they play, names of home team stadiums, divisions they belong to, and championship winners over the years.

Track your scores on your own personal leaderboard and also brag about your scores on Facebook. Challenge Facebook friends to see who’s the biggest fan with the highest scores.

Are you a newbie sports fan? SportsQuizly is a fun and easy way to learn about professional sports teams, including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey.

Are you up the challenge? Download the new SportsQuizly app today!

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