Sports Trivia Portal

Are you a top-notch sports fan? Prove it!

Twizia’s Sports Trivia Portal is your source for all your sports trivia needs! The portal is free to download, and comes with 480 free questions! Then, you can purchase trivia games of your choice for just $0.99 each, or get unlimited trivia for only $4.99! Every time you purchase a game, you get another one free!

Here is a list of the current trivia games that the portal has to offer:

*12/15 UPDATE- 4 New Games: 2011 Baseball Trivia, Avalanche Trivia, Jazz Trivia, Rams Trivia*

-2010 Baseball
-2011 Baseball
-Blue Jays
-Red Sox
-White Sox

-2010 Football


-2010-11 Hockey
-Red Wings

Games for other teams are on their way! Download this great app for free now!

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