Sports Icon Mania

Sports Icon Mania is the entertaining and addictive quiz game that challenges you to guess the names of famous sports teams and sports celebrities!



Over 200 clever and challenging custom sports icons for you to figure out. If you love icon guessing games, these icons will definitely entertain you for many hours.


Use five different power-ups to help you get those extra-challenging icons:

Ask a Friend: Get help from friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Remove Keys: Disables all the letters on the keyboard that don’t appear in the answer.

Hints: Get helpful clues related to the answer.

Reveal Letters: Reveals some of the letters in the answer, like Wheel of Fortune!

Solve: If you really need it, you can solve the answer, but it will cost you points!


See how many points you can score on each level! Fast, correct answers will give you a better score! Reset the game to try and improve your overall scores.

Sports Icon Mania is a great game for both icon-guessing-game lovers and sports fans alike.

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